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BioTalent Canada Compensation Study Sign-up 2013

Thank you for participating in the BioTalent Canada/TechEdge 2013 Compensation Study. This study is conducted and administered by TechEdge, on BioTalent Canada's behalf. The information you are about to provide will result in the most current and comprehensive salary and compensation data available in Canada’s bio-economy.

Your time and input is valuable and we thank you very much for taking the time to participate.

When you have submitted this form, you will be contacted by a TechEdge Consultant with account details and to schedule your facilitation discussion. Data will be collected until August 15/2013, with Publication targeted for Fall, 2013.

If you require assistance at any stage of the study, please do not hesitate to contact Helen Robert from TechEdge at helen@benchmarket.ca, or 1-877-848-0499, X101.

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